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8-Week Introduction to Primal Living

PJ-60 Mind & Body Breakthrough Program

A comprehensive health optimization program for weight loss, stress reduction, increased energy (& sex drive!) and finding balance in your life. Restore and improve your health with the principles of primal living - real food and smart exercise - and discover the tools you need to effectively manage your stress and overcome emotional setbacks that lead to weight gain, chronic pain, and even illness.   

>> Understand what to do, and what not to do with easy-to-follow Program Guidelines that empower you to go primal.  

>> Eat right with done-for-you Meal Plans that are filling, tasty, and easy to prepare! 

>> Become a fat burning beast with highly effective Exercise and Meal Plans that supercharge your metabolism and speed up results. 

>> Take charge of your health & life with Lifestyle Workshops for stress reduction, management, and emotional healing. 

>> Stay on track using our Convenient App for on demand workouts, messaging, accountability, and tracking no matter where you are!

The PJ-60 Includes
  • Fat burning exercise plans
  • Simple & delicious meal plans, including menus and shopping lists
  • Proven routines & rituals to feel more rested, relaxed, and balanced
  • High accountability with the Primal Joe App
  • Calendar reminders*
  • Regular progress reports*
  • Emotional Support - Breaking Through Workshop 
  • Unlimited Private Messaging* 

* Featured in the Primal Joe App

 Total Value - $9,000

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Amazing Results Don't Happen by Accident

 Set the intention to finally change your health with the PJ-60 Mind & Body Breakthrough.  

This highly effective program makes a smart addition to any personal training package so you can make daily progress towards your health goals. 

Joe Di Bernardo provides expert coaching, accountability and support so that in less than 8 weeks, you can naturally:

  • Supercharge your metabolism
  • Lose weight & tone your entire body
  • Have more energy to get you through the day
  • Rev up your libido
  • Improve your mood & feel less stressed
  • Stop over-eating, binging, and dieting 
  • Discover what to eat, when to eat it & why Primal Living is the best choice for your body!
  • Curb negative habits, including unhealthy addictions
  • Get the tools you need to make lasting changes to your health & life
  • Feel supported every step of the way! 

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What Can I Expect?

Sync your Fitbit or Apple Watch to the Primal Joe App and get started! Our focus is on making significant improvements to the quality of your sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress management routines. By the end of this first phase, you should be feeling more energetic and maybe even more frisky. You should become "fat adapted" - eating only real foods, and burning lots of fat as your main energy source.

Now that you are a fat burning machine, it's time to rev up the engine! In this phase we will get you moving even more as we gradually increase the difficulty of the workouts and the duration of fasting protocols. PLUS prepare to dive deep into the things that stress you out and are emotionally holding you hostage.  

If weight loss was among your goals, you may notice visible changes. We will continue to build stamina and strengthen your ability to deal with stressful situations. Emotional roadblocks should start to uncover themselves and even resolve themselves as a result of the work.

Stick with eating and fasting protocols for optimal results. Celebrate your wins, and get ready for the next level!

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Did I mention I LOVE to over deliver?

Check out these BONUSES!


Bonus 1

This is my signature emotional support workshop for helping clients overcome stubborn emotional roadblocks. In this pre-recorded workshop, I walk you through my exact process so that you can easily follow along.  ($1,200 value)

Bonus 2

Private coaching is the quickest way to figure out how to remove the obstacles keeping you from optimal results. Use the direct Messaging feature in the Primal Joe App to get all your questions answered by your coach, Joe.  (Invaluable!)

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"In the first 60 days, I lost 12 pounds ... I just feel like my whole body is back to what it was and how it should be!" 

- Jo Anne Dolle

"[Joe's] really professional, he used to play football, he knows what it takes to be good and you know he knows what to do to get your body in shape."

- Ilya Kovulchuk

"I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, weight gain, addiction ... I could kind of feel my life physically going out of out of control. ... Working with Joe has, for me, been a great investment."

- Mike Lowry


 If you've made it all the way to the end of this page, and you haven't registered yet, then I am guessing you have some questions about the PJ-60 and whether it's right for you. 

 So, I am just going to level with you: as much as I love to workout, I would be lying if I said that exercise alone could help you reach all of your health & wellness goals. 

Exercise is important, but for many reasons, we need to consider the bigger picture and the causation of why these issue are happening, why they repeat themselves, and how you can overcome them for good. 

For this reason, I highly recommend that ALL of my clients adopt a holistic approach to health that targets ALL of the 5 pillars of health - sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, and emotional health.

THIS is the kind of approach that got me results, and the one that has gotten my top clients the MOST impact.  

My newest program - the PJ-60 Mind & Body Breakthrough - considers health from all the angles. It's based on the most in-depth scientific nutrition and fitness science has to offer!

 I urge you to join me for this 8-week, fully-guided journey, where I will help you find the answers to common problems such as weight gain, low energy (or sex drive), mood swings, anger and depression, as well as other issues that exercise alone cannot resolve. 

With 20+ years of personal experience, and the success stories of thousands of clients whom I’ve helped, I am confident that we can help you to feel healthier and more vibrant in just days!

I look forward to receiving your application - I can't wait for you to start!


- Joe

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