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"I never in a million years could’ve believed that I could heal myself through REAL food and lifestyle, but that was exactly what I did."

- Joe DiBernardo, Primal Health Coach


Sometimes a 1% shift is all it takes for BIG change

When Primal Health Coach, Joe DiBernardo, received his "wake up call" he was in incredible pain, relying on over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pills for relief, and not at all sure if surgery would even be an effective cure (even his doctors were doubtful!) 


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My 5-Step Framework

Take the first step to changing your health. Download the 5-step framework I used to change my life and the lives of my clients!




Jo Anne Dolle

"When I started working with Joe, I realized I needed to do something about the way I was eating.

In the first 60 days I lost 12 pounds and could really see that the clothes I wasn't fitting into before... I could now get into. I felt like I was going back to my more normal body.

I just feel like my whole body is back to what it was and how it should be."


Mike Lowry

"I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, weight gain, addiction ... I could kind of feel my life physically going out of out of control.

... My lifestyle has changed so much [since working with Joe] that when I don't feel well I know why. When when my energy levels droop - well what did I have for lunch? Probably something that wasn't wasn't a whole food, something that was processed. Did I get enough sleep the night before was it quality sleep?

... Working with Joe has, for me, been a great investment."





Finally Change your Health, Body & Life!

Download the 5-Step Framework.

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