5 WAYS TO EXERCISE WHILE COMMUTING: How To Get a Workout In For Those Of Us Who Commute

5-step-framework exercise Feb 05, 2018

Do you have a long commute to work? Do you feel overstressed with no outlet to burn off steam because you’re sitting in a car being aggravated by crazy drivers? If you answered yes to just one of the above questions, then you will love this blog post.


I recently had to temporary relocate and now have a much longer commute to and from work. Wow!

Now I can relate to people that say they don’t have time for the gym. Because of this experience, I was forced to be more aware and proactive by creating ways to get my body moving more during the day.

If you’re working all day and don’t have time to go to the gym, then you’re in the right place. Read and learn my five smart strategies that will help you move your body without stepping foot into a gym.

We all know that having a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous to your health. Being sedentary can lead to becoming overweight, which causes inflammation.

It can also cause poor posture, neck and back pain as well as digestive issues. In other words, being sedentary is unhealthy and does not help your performance in life.

When to exercise?

I was like you.  I struggled to find the best time to exercise.  I thought that going to the gym 3 times per week was equivalent to being an active person.

It took me a while to understand that a big part of being healthy is moving my body throughout the day. This realization has made me change a lot of old habits and implement better, healthier ones.

The truth is, the idea of having to designate a time of the day to exercise is not practical for long commuters.

The solution?

Implementing small increments of movement throughout the day.

  1. Park the car a longer distance from your destination.
  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  1. Take more frequent breaks at work and implement 2 or 3 minute walks.
  1. Take bathroom breaks on a different floor where you might need to take the stairs.
  1. Use deep breathing exercises while driving or sitting in traffic.

The main idea here is to introduce new habits into your daily routine.

"You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” -John Maxwell

Why should you do it?

Because the benefits of including more daily movement are priceless. Exercise reduces your stress levels and improves your cognitive function and posture. Moving more will help you burn fat and lose weight, which means looking better and feeling better.

How many more reasons do you need to get moving?

To get started, there are a number of step trackers on the market that can measure daily movement (Fitbit and Jawbone) and give you a reading of the amount of steps you accumulate daily/weekly.

I suggest setting attainable goals and then adding to them as you get the hang of it. Notice how this daily movement can improve your health and add to your quality of life.

Don’t let your busy lifestyle take you away from what really matters. More importantly, don’t let it run away with the life you want and deserve. This blog post gave you a few strategies to become active, but the essential part is taking the first step.

If you do, then you’ll get your health back and be able to do the things that matter most.

Get Moving!

Do you have a long commute to work? I’d love to hear from you. Please, leave a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading.

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